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I received a wrong product/ product with a defect.Updated 10 months ago

If you received a wrong product or an item with a defect, please go to your account, select the order, and click on the Request Return button. Enter a brief description of the issue in the Notes field. A couple of pictures to illustrate the case may be requested in the next step. Unfortunately, printing (custom items) and shipping errors can happen. But there is no need to worry. We will assist you during the whole process. 

Airportag warrants that all new products are free from defects in manufacturing, materials, and quality for 30 days from the date of retail purchase. This warranty is extended to the original end-user purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift only. The warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions caused by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions or use of equipment with which it is not intended.

If our Quality Control team cannot identify the damage/defect by the pictures, we might require you to return the product to Airportag for inspection. In that case, you must follow the instructions provided by our support team before placing the items back in transit to us.

If our quality control team identifies the damage/defect, we will provide a replacement, account credit, or refund.

If no defect is identified, we will re-ship you the product.

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